Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Over The River and Thru The Woods

Another of our favorites places to hike is in
Deep Creek.
It's at the entrance to the 
Smoky Mountain National Park.
 A beautiful trail that goes over many walking bridges.
Deep Creek is in Bryson City, NC.
 This is the main trail. It's an easy hike.
It's very wide and and runs for a few miles.
 It runs along the babbling creek.
 It gets higher and a little more challenging further on.
 There are several trails to choose from.
We met hikers that had been on the trail for two days.
They were loaded with rucksack
backpacks and gear for spending the night camping.
 Our favorite is a trail that runs past this waterfall.
 Some days the waterfall is really full.
Bright sunny day with blue sky.
A perfect day for a hike.
I remember how much my Mother loved visiting here. 


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Betty @ Country Charm said...

I'm new to your blog(s)...but I've spent the entire afternoon visiting both blogs...

When I began blogging 5 years ago, I was very diligent, but the last couple of years I've slacked off. You've inspired me to once again post more often.

I enjoy thrifting and seeking out treasures...

We were in Mt. Dora, Florida last week for a funeral...a beautiful area.

We have a cabin and acreage in the North Georgia mountains...we love to spend time there...

Your Mother was a beautiful lady.

Thanks for my time spent perusing your lovely postings...
Betty @ Country Charm