Sunday, November 14, 2010

Master Bedroom

 The master bedroom was put together with
things we had, some older pieces of furniture
 that were used in previous homes,
 and great sale and found items.
Very budget decorating.
 A Longaberger basket filled with knitting supplies.
 I'm still working on that chunky colorful scarf. 
That's the extent of my knitting skills.
The bedding, matelasse' set, log cabin quilt set and 
the lamps were JCP outlet sale items, 80% off. 
The original watercolors were from Larry's parents. 
We had them reframed and rematted. 
They look better here than anywhere we've
 had them in the past.
 Now, the log headboard was a real find!
 It was a twin bed that was discarded in 
my Florida neighborhood on bulk trash day. 
You should have seen me trying to load 
these heavy pieces by myself into our van. 
They are perfect here. Larry joined the headboard
 and footboard (luckily the same size) 
to make a king size rustic log headboard.
Drapery panels $10/pair . 
The set of 4 oil paintings, also outlet deals.
They were found on sale
at the JCP Outlet store.
The colors work great in this room

The ceiling fan has a rustic mountain motif.
It has two lights with the top one a soft night light.
The wild oil painting above the mirror was from 
a church yard sale here. I got it for $4.   
Larry built the rustic wood frame from a
 discarded pallet, as he has done HERE
A Jack Schmitt watercolor we've had for years.
 It's great that the art we've had works so
 beautifully with the decor we have here in NC.
Rustic frame I found on sale at Target and
an old lamp.
A collection of thrifty throws. 
I find these handmade afghans at thrift 
stores here. I wash and dry them, so they are 
fluffy soft to snuggle with.   
Some are stored in a Longaberger basket.
This branch ladder was found at a local crafts 
show. I've added a few lap blankets, 
a cowboy hat and rope I found in the garage.
The top of the dresser had an old oil lamp 
that I've added electric to, a dough bowl 
filled with sweetgum balls that I gathered 
on a road trip stop by a Florida forrest. 
That's a poster sized picture of me
 a few years ago....OK many years ago.

That was carved into the stone walls above the 
entrance of my junior high school in Florida, 
 Robert E. Lee. 
I never knew what it meant, but I do now!



Kathy said...

What a neat idea for the headboard and it worked out wonderfully. The water colors look great too -Everything looks so homey and inviting

Darla said...

Well... I just love your budget decorating. You have great taste. I Like the paintings they are so colorful. I love the baskets, and I know for sure they are not a budget item. (lol) because I have just one, and it was given to me at christmas from my daghter.

Darla said...

oopps daughter I always leave out a letter lol

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

very cosy bedroom.. esp on fall and winter.. like it..

Bloggymom said...

Love your cozy room. Beautiful afghans. Love you knitting yarn basket.

Donnie said...

Love what you did with everything. I don't always feel like I can decorate but you all give me hope.

Unknown said...

I'm looking for a ceiling fan light exactly like this one. Do you remember where you got it?

K Rinko said...

We are looking for a ceiling fan for our rustic furnished living room.
Your's is a perfect fit.
After looking thru you postings, mom had a Yorke aptly named Troubles,so that gave me a few smiles.
and I definitely will be trying the headlight cleaner.
I found no mention of the master bedroom ceiling fan manufacture.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you
Ken Rinko

Rita May said...

Thank you Ken for writing. I no longer have the file on my Cabbage purchases. I did scan the internet briefly to see if I could find it. There are similar ones and you could google bear fans, rustic fans etc. If I come across info I will let you know. My Smoky Mountain Cabbage blog is inactive now because we have sold the property. I do like going back on the blog to look at the pictures. I invite you if to follow me on my other blogs: MAY DAYS and
Rita's Recipes, as well as MAY DAYS on Facebook and Instagram.